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"Love is the dew on the petals of our hearts,
softening, and gentling us into truth. 
Love is the healer, Love is the Alchemist, Love is the bridge.
We awaken to know our true grace and beauty."

There is a new spiritual paradigm available to us now as never before. We are moving into the Aquarian Age which offers a time of equality and unity among all of life.  We are each a part of the “Heart of the Earth”.  Compassion is the bridge between our soul and our physical experience.

You will learn the tools of an Aquarian Heart Warrior; techniques to lift the veils of unconsciousness and to develop faith and trust in yourself. You will learn to know your own truth and allow that truth to guide you. You will come to understand your individual, unique soul path. You will develop and trust your intuition and emotional nature as your personal guidance system.

Self love is the key to open the door.  We are each unique, amazing, multi-faceted people!  Healing occurs, naturally, as it is our birthright. Being our own ultimate authority brings choice, freedom, wisdom and the strength to live life on life’s terms.  It is time to claim our own power back.

We invite you to enter Nature’s Healing Gate
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